Can you wear lash extensions long term?

If you or your technician ever worry about the health of your natural eyelashes, you may need a break. However, if the extensions applied are the right length and thickness for your natural eyelashes, you've gently cleaned them with an oil-free cleanser and an eyelash shampoo, there's no reason you can't keep using extensions. In fact, a large proportion of our customers here have been using eyelashes continuously for 5 to 10 years without any problems. If you start to take extra care when cleaning eye makeup (which can block hair follicles and hinder hair growth), you'll probably see that your own eyelashes return to good health.

It depends on the person doing them, but between 10 days and three weeks. The eyelashes that come out will be small, thin baby eyelashes, which will strengthen and lengthen as they grow. Wetting eyelashes used to be a major obstacle, but Phillips explains that some current glue formulas allow exposure to water within 24 hours. One of my clients came to the salon a couple of days before she booked the removal of eyelash extensions, worried that she wasn't doing the right thing to remove them and wanted a second opinion.

While it's true that eyelash extensions require less maintenance than using mascara or false eyelashes every day, they're not something you can forget either. However, if you don't take care of your eyelashes while using extensions, both your extensions and your natural eyelashes may be compromised. Everywhere I go, I get compliments on my eyes and eyelashes, even when I'm wearing sweatpants and not wearing makeup. If you want more volume, the eyelash technician can apply a few hair extensions to a single natural eyelash, commonly referred to as a fan eyelash or volume eyelash.

Always clarify with your eyelash technician what the best aftercare protocol is for your specific set, but it's a good idea to refrain from pulling, pulling, rubbing, or applying any type of oily formula. However, remember to read the label, as some eyelash serums are not suitable for eye health (see the blog on eyelash serums). Look, I'm not proud of it, but the first time I bought eyelash extensions, I forgot to ask all the important questions before my appointment. Unlike strappy eyelashes, eyelash extensions are individually glued to natural hair, so they are highly customizable and look real.

You can do this, but confirm with your eyelash stylist if you need to wait up to 24 hours after the appointment. If you need to remove dirt or sleep from your eyes, Phillip says that a soft eyeshadow brush dipped in water is the perfect tool for cleaning and re-fluffing your eyelashes. I feel that the dramatic effect that eyelash extensions bring to my eyes makes my eyes always a focal point.

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