What do i need as a lash tech?

Here are 10 must-have products that every eyelash technician should have in their storage: different types of adhesive glue, eyelash tweezers for every style, quality eyelash extensions, eyelash cleaner, eyelash base and microbrushes, eyelash reels or mascara sticks, eyelash polish remover, adhesive remover for eyelashes, nano mister. For voluminous handmade eyelashes, since you need to make a fan, it is recommended to use a quick-drying glue or one that has a slightly high viscosity. Mach glue is suitable for those who are quick to apply eyelash extensions. Glam Glue is ideal for those who want an adhesive that has a longer drying time and a thicker consistency.

A semi-permanent eyelash extension looks the same as an individual eyelash. These are not false eyelashes that are commonly sold in pharmacies that are attached to the skin. Rather, an eyelash extension is designed to be attached to the top of the lashes, each individually, to create a natural look. You may need a lot of them for the procedure, and it's important that the extensions match your natural eyelash color as much as possible.

The fine tweezers ensure the control needed to properly apply each eyelash. Because a semi-permanent eyelash is so small, you need a tool that offers maximum control. Choose tweezers that fit comfortably in your hand. It is important to properly sterilize tweezers between customers to ensure a safe and hygienic environment.

There are so many products available to buy in the eyelash market, it can be difficult to try to figure out what you really need when you're starting out. Many eyelash technicians are self-employed and need to buy all their equipment and products from scratch and sometimes with a limited budget. Here at Pinkfishes we've done the research so you don't have to. We have created a list of the 10 essential items that we recommend you buy to start your eyelash career.

Some eyelash treatments can take several hours, so it's key to make sure your client is comfortable. Pillows make the treatment more relaxing for clients, some may even take an eyelash nap. Pillows also help keep clients still during treatment, helping eyelashes to be placed efficiently and don't have to continue to readjust to the angles at which they move their heads. The Pinkfish ergonomic memory foam eyelash pillow comes with a number of beneficial features.

The memory foam material allows customers to immerse themselves in the pillow and can be adjusted to the size and shape of their neck with the submerged curved support. The pillow is also designed with high, flat sides so that the products can be easily placed next to the customer's head, for example, jade stones and eyelash trays. The pink cover is also removable and washable. Arguably the most important item on this list and sometimes the most difficult to navigate.

Here at Pinkfishes we have more than 200 eyelash variations, so we've outlined which ones we think are the best to start with. When you start, we suggest you buy mixed boxes. Mixed boxes contain several different eyelash lengths in one box. Although this is not cost-effective, since you'll see that you manage to make some lengths faster than others, when you start it's practical to have a variety of lengths to cover the entire lash line, from the smallest to the longest eyelashes.

In addition, some customers will want shorter lengths and others will want longer lengths, so it's helpful to have a mix available. If you haven't done your course yet, you should learn about the different thicknesses used to create different styles of eyelash extensions. You must choose the correct thickness of the eyelashes in relation to the treatment you are performing. Pinkfish stores the following thicknesses for particular eyelash extensions:.

Classics: 0.10, 0.15, 0.20 & 0.25 There are several factors to consider when choosing your glue. The most important thing when starting will be the drying time. Adhesives have a range of drying times and, as a beginner, you should ideally need a slower drying time until the treatment is faster. If you use a glue with a drying time that is too fast for the pace at which you work, it will start to heal before you have placed the extension on your natural eyelashes.

Other things to consider when choosing glue will be color, i.e. Black or transparent, bonding time and strength. Our Pink Radical adhesive is our best-selling glue, it's also the glue we place inside kits for new students. It has a drying time of 0.5 to 1 second, adheres for more than 4 weeks and is a strong black adhesive.

Although they didn't make it to the Top 10, there are a few other items worth mentioning that are useful to have as an eyelash technician for beginners. Microfiber brushes are practical because they can be used to apply certain products and liquids, such as primer remover &. An eyelash cart is ideal to store next to the treatment bed to store all your eyelashes and accessories. Your customers can use air blowers after opening their eyes to remove odor and vapors from the adhesive.

There are many other products that are good to have, such as glues, & primers, however, it can be difficult to buy everything when you start. It's a good idea to continue researching new techniques and supplementing your kit with new products to try, as there are many that could work well for you. We hope this blog helped you describe the most important things you should buy initially at the start of your eyelash journey. Different states have their requirements for eyelash extensions certification.

We'll talk to you about New York. Our guidelines should lead you to success. To obtain a certificate, you will need to have a cosmetology and beautician license to apply for eyelash extension. The S-shaped curvature at the tip allows artists to pick up and grasp several eyelash extensions at once, excellent for bulky lashes.

Naturally, many customers want to have longer eyelashes, but it's essential to keep in mind that the condition of each client's eyelashes must determine the length of the extension. This latex-free tape helps to insulate eyelashes and can be used to secure them under the eyelashes for clients with sensitivity to gel pads. BL Lash Essence works as a base before applying mascara and as an eyelash conditioner on its own. BL Lash Essence is infused with botanical ingredients such as bamboo and green tea extracts, this nutrient-rich formula moisturizes natural eyelashes and helps them grow.

It is one of the curliest curls, if not applied correctly, the retention may not be as good as what you would get with straight curls, but the D curl adds drama and opens the eyes more, making it excellent for eyelashes angled downwards. This is not a necessary element for applying eyelash extensions, but a sealant can increase the lifespan of each semi-permanent eyelash extension by strengthening the bond and providing an additional layer and protection. Just as human eyelashes contain natural oil, extendable eyelashes come with a small amount of surface fat due to the manual rolling process. If your client has eyelashes that point down or eyelids with a hood, an L-shaped curl rises directly from the lash line and opens the eye.

Foundations, serums and other treatments prepare the client's skin and eyelashes to create the best canvas for you to make your art. Adhesive tape and eye pads are essential to separate the lower eyelashes from the upper lashes and ensure that they do not stick together during treatment. Buy only if you have received appropriate training in the technique of applying eyelash extensions. When deciding on the thickness of the eyelashes, you should not only consider the appearance of the design, but, most importantly, the natural state of your client's eyelashes.

Customers should brush their eyelashes daily to prevent the build-up of bacteria and to remove any makeup residue, dust, oils and other unwanted substances from the extensions that could cause them to fall out prematurely. . .

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