Do eyelash extensions look good on small eyes?

The elongated eyelash extension style is one of the most popular styles for people with smaller eyes. This extension is also available in a variety of lengths, from clear and natural to dark and dramatic. Eyelash extensions are applied to the eyelid, creating the illusion of longer eyelashes. Small and small eyes may seem dull and tiring, but if styled correctly with the right lashes for small eyes, they can look bigger and brighter.

Round eyes are less than twice as long as they are wide. If you're having trouble determining what type your customer is, ask them to look at you directly. If you can see the whites of their eyes above or below the iris, then they are round. The hooded eyes have an eyelid that extends outward and over the base of the natural eyelashes.

Depending on the size of the hood, the lash line may disappear under the eyelid, leaving the lashes tucked underneath and the bases almost hidden. They are a favorite among customers. They will give a gentle boost to people with hooded eyes. L-shaped curls have a flat, straight base that provides a good bond between natural eyelashes and eyelash extensions.

The straight base is important because it provides a better surface for them to sit and blend well with natural lashes. The possibilities for styling eyelash extensions are endless: from the basic cat's eye to the popular doll eye, each style is painstakingly customized for your particular eye. If you have this eye shape, you'll want an eyelash extension with more curls, like a baby doll or a cat's eye. One of the ways in which you can expand and brighten your eyes is by applying eyelash extensions.

People with deeper eyes usually require longer extensions without as much frizz and often benefit from having a lighter full set rather than an extreme set, since extreme sets on smaller or deeper eyes may seem exaggerated. The straight base is also advantageous for people with hooded eyes because it causes eyelash extensions to come out more than the hidden eyelids. The ideal eyelash extensions for hooded eyes are those that can extend beyond the lid hood before they begin to curl. Eyelash extensions with these three curls have a straight base followed by a beautiful curl in the middle of the tip.

You should consider choosing eyelash extensions that will create the illusion of depth in your eyes for a perfect look. This will give them enough time to look closely at your eyes and discard their shape and the best eyelash extensions for them. The inverted eye is perfect for the Cat Eye eyelash style and, as long as you have natural lashes to support them, you can pull out long extensions of up to 14 mm in that outer corner. The purpose of eyelash extensions is to create the illusion that your eyes are closer to the outside of your face rather than deep inside.

Choosing an eyelash style according to the shape of your eyes is essential to enhance your features and draw more attention to the unique attributes of your eyes. Now that we've covered the 4 basic styles of eyelash extensions, let's move on to identifying your eye shape so we can recommend an eyelash style that fits you perfectly. This type of eyelash extension is perfect for people with hooded and droopy eyelids, as they will brighten and open them.

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