What happens if you dont get lash extensions removed?

My eyelash technician also told me that removing your lashes professionally is very important, because as natural lashes grow with the extension still on them, they can eventually split the lashes in half. Keep in mind that you have the option of waiting for it to pass and let our eyelashes fall out on their own. The skin around the eyes is sensitive and the natural lashes are delicate. If you try to remove your eyelash extension at home, you run the risk of damaging your eyes, natural lashes, and skin.

In addition, it's easy to spread bacteria to the eye area. All of this can be avoided if left to professionals.

Eyelash extensions

definitely have their perks, but if you want to work with your own natural lashes and protect them from potential long-term damage, try some other eyelash enhancement products. Rubbing your eyes repeatedly with oil-based products to try to remove your eyelash extensions will only increase the risk of natural lashes coming off.

When this happens, the best thing to do is visit a professional eyelash technician to have them removed and get a new set. Their biggest concern is that eyelash extensions tighten their natural lashes or cause them to fall out faster than they should. Coconut oil will give the best results when removing eyelash extensions, but vegetable oil, olive oil and castor oil can also be used. Instead, slide your false eyelashes down with the Q tips after soaking your eyes with oil-soaked cotton pads in a downward motion.

While the Internet is full of blog posts that tell you how to remove your eyelash extensions at home, this is an opportunity to avoid the DIY route, no matter how tempting it may be. Olive oil will keep your natural lashes healthy while breaking down the adhesive and holding the extensions on top of it. Take advantage of the confinement time to let your lashes rest from the extensions and pamper them with new healthy habits. It takes five to six weeks for a typical set of lashes to completely peel off, and even then you might find some very determined stragglers.

Once you've realized the problems and risks that can arise when removing your eyelash extensions at home, natural methods are quite simple. This post will tell you all about how to safely remove eyelash extensions with a professional glue remover for eyelash extensions. The only time natural lashes hurt or damage (natural lashes fall together) is when the eyelash extensions were applied with the wrong method in the first place. Try visiting the same eyelash artist who applied your lashes, as they know what products and techniques they used.

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