Where do natural eyelash extensions come from?

The semi-permanent eyelashes that are widely used today are made from just about any material you can imagine. Synthetic fibers, silk and animal hair are some of the substances used in eyelash extensions today. Eyelash extensions are cosmetic applications that improve the length, curl, fullness and thickness of natural lashes. The extensions can be made of various materials, including mink, silk, synthetic material, human or horsehair.

The main method for applying the extensions is to use a cyanoacrylate adhesive to apply the extensions to the natural eyelash 1 to 2 mm from the base of the natural eyelash, without ever coming into contact with the eyelid. Like hair extensions, eyelash extensions add length to human lashes. Synthetic single-fiber polyester yarn-type materials are applied to the eyelashes to create a fuller and more prolonged appearance. The extensions come in different lengths, colors and thicknesses and can be used during sleep, showering and swimming.

However, excessive exposure to oil can weaken the adhesive bond. Eyelash extensions differ from false or false eyelashes in that an extension is applied to an eyelash. The procedure for placing the extensions takes an average of two hours for a complete set of extensions of approximately 30 to 80 eyelashes per eye. If properly applied with cyanoacrylate adhesive, eyelash extensions are designed to adhere to natural lashes.

They look natural and not like strappy lashes. Human hair lashes are no different from human hair extensions: the materials used and the methods used to manufacture them are the same. Whether human hair is used to create hair extensions, eyelash extensions or false eyelashes, the effect is the same: supernatural. The result was great (I woke up with bangs full of eyelashes and went to work without putting on any makeup), but after a week I started to wake up with my pillowcase covered with eyelashes, both extensions and my own natural eyelashes.

Another well-known inventor of eyelash extensions is Maksymilian Faktorowicz, a Polish beauty guru and businessman, who founded the company Max Factor. Lashes with volume are two to six thin eyelash extensions that are shaped like a fan to allow the appearance of fluffy and full lashes. Magnetic lashes work by placing the false magnetic eyelash between the lashes, thus interspersing natural lashes with magnetic lashes. Classic extensions are applied in a one-to-one ratio, meaning that an extension is applied to each natural eyelash.

One of the scariest things about eyelash extensions is that the process is not regulated in some states, such as Alabama, Maryland, Connecticut, Delaware, Idaho and Wisconsin. There are different companies that provide training and certification to potential eyelash extension technicians. Eyelash extensions can last from three weeks to three months, depending on the hair growth cycle. I know that all the specialists in eyelash extensions tell you that they won't damage your natural lashes if you do them correctly, but maybe I only have very weak eyelashes, I would go to the best eyelash technicians and, every time my last extension fell out, I would get much shorter natural eyelashes than when I started.

Other beauty books, such as My Lady's Dressing Room (189) by Baronne Staffe and Beauty's Aids or How to be Beautiful (190) by Countess C also state that trimming eyelashes together with the use of Trikogene ointment benefits eyelash growth. In the United Kingdom, the Professional Beauty Therapists Guild has accredited courses for the safe application of semi-permanent individual eyelash extensions. Hybrid lashes include classic single eyelash extensions and blended volume fans for the ultimate in fluffy and textured lashes. So when eyelash extensions started to become popular, I didn't take a break before booking an appointment.


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