What's the difference between silk and synthetic lashes?

Because they're softer and more porous, they tend to last a little longer than synthetic ones. Silk eyelash extensions are a medium weight, mid-priced type of eyelash extensions. They are lighter, thinner and more flexible than synthetic plastic eyelash extensions, but not as thin as mink, fox or horse hair eyelashes. Silk eyelashes have a shorter cut than natural mink eyelashes, which means that the body of the eyelash is thicker at the base.

Synthetic eyelashes don't necessarily mean poor quality. They are simply created artificially so that they are absolutely identical at the molecular level to another element, which in most cases can be silk or mink. BUT, if you don't mention either of them, then they're made of polished acrylic material and are firmer and stronger than the others. Thanks to their shiny finish, they are shinier than mink and silk eyelashes.

They also look darker, since they are a little thicker than the others due to the way they are sharpened. Long-term use of these products can damage natural eyelashes, as they may be too heavy for natural eyelashes. Unfortunately, because of their low cost, most eyelash artists start out using them, which can be a problem for those who try them for the first time and think that's the standard feel and look of eyelash extensions. Synthetic extensions are the most affordable eyelash extensions on the market.

They are made of acrylic and feel quite hard to the touch. They tend to look very black, shiny and spectacular because, in general, they are quite thick and “plastic”. Silk eyelash extensions usually contain several materials, such as silk, cashmere and derivatives of high-quality acrylic plastic. This confused me a bit when my favorite brand of eyelash extensions, London Lash Pro, changed its packaging from plastic to cardboard and, at the same time, without informing its customers, it changed the silk and mink finish, which means that their silk eyelashes are less shiny than the mink ones.

First things first, although some brands market their silk eyelashes as 100% silk eyelashes, they are synthetic-based silk fibers, not real natural silk, since real silk comes from the cocoon of the silkworm, which means that it is a fairly soft material and will not be able to maintain its shape or curve. As technology advances, manufacturers create silk eyelashes that are thinner and more natural-looking than traditional synthetic mink eyelashes. Simply put, synthetic mink is a type of premium synthetic eyelash that was designed to mimic the quality and fineness of real mink eyelashes. Depending on whether this is important to you, you'll want to do some research to find out what type of synthetic fiber the eyelash brand actually uses.

Synthetic eyelashes also tend to have a little more shine than real mink hair, although they are very little noticeable, but unless you walk the red carpet seeing strobe lights during the Oscar season, no one will notice. At Wax Spa, we specialize in synthetic eyelash extensions because they come in different types, colors, and lengths to fit everyone's definition of glamor. You can't style human hair the same way as synthetic hair, either on the eyelashes or on the head; the result is an uneven application and look. Synthetic plastic eyelashes are usually made of a plastic fiber called PBT or polybutylene terephthalate.

You can also choose between short, medium, or long synthetic pre-curly eyelashes that can look natural (think “athletic length”) or very dramatic for a red carpet look. The main problem is that pure silk is too soft and cannot maintain the shape and curl that most customers want from their eyelash extensions. They are the most durable type of extension and take longer to apply than traditional silk eyelashes. For synthetic silk eyelashes, the use of the term “silk” is not entirely accurate for these types of eyelashes, since most silk eyelash extensions are not made of 100% silk, but rather of a combination of materials that gives these eyelashes a silky, shiny appearance and a semi-gloss finish coveted by most customers.

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