Do eyelash extensions go on top or bottom?

The answer is that the eyelash extension can be placed on the top, side or bottom of the natural eyelash. For me personally, I often place them on the sides, unless I use flat lashes or super flat lashes. These should be attached to the top. Once all the lashes are glued together with adhesive tape, you can take a pair of straight tweezers and start pulling the bottom layer of eyelashes out from under the tape.

If you're looking for a set of perfectly symmetrical lashes with no variation in length, consider using longer lashes on the bottom layer and moving to shorter lashes as you move from the middle layer to the top layer. This will ensure that all lashes are the same length when you look at your customer from the front. Another tip when styling your lashes is to use a curlier eyelash extension, such as a “D” shaped curl on the bottom layer to really lift them upwards, especially for customers who have naturally straight or downward-pointing eyelashes. Eyelash extensions are usually added to upper lashes, but lower eyelash extensions also exist.

You might be wondering why anyone would want lower eyelash extensions, and if it's not enough to just apply mascara to them and make them thicker and darker. Eyelash extensions stick to natural lashes: they follow their growth cycle and fall out with them. Lower eyelash extensions are usually done in combination with upper eyelash extensions, so the aftercare is the same. Although treatment with upper eyelash extensions usually lasts up to 2.5 hours, this treatment is much shorter.

Whether you're a new eyelash artist struggling with eyelash extensions or you're a former professional, BL Lashes is here to help ensure lashes that will last until the next refill.

Randi Miera
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