Are lash lifts cheaper than lash extensions?

The effects of eyelash extensions are more dramatic and more noticeable than the effects of an eyelash lift. The eyelash lift is a more subtle improvement. Eyelash stretchers improve the appearance of eyelashes while maintaining a natural look. They require less maintenance than eyelash extensions, although this chemical treatment requires a pause between sessions to avoid damage.

There's no need to change your makeup and skin care routines to adapt to eyelash lifts. Eyelash lifting requires very little maintenance, while eyelash extensions require a special cleaning routine and must be renewed every few weeks. I have done an extensive case study in which I analyzed the price offered by eyelash salons in the United States here. While in eyelash extension, you need false eyelashes to stick to the top of the lash line, eyelash lifting doesn't involve false eyelashes and are “made permanent”.

With eyelash lifts, you don't have this problem, since your straight, natural lashes will be reinforced with a beautiful curl. But eyelash lifting also has a densifying effect when combined with an eyelash dye, since the hairs are colored in a darker shade and all the thin, invisible ones become visible. Eyelash extensions are applied individually to natural lashes, and each extension adheres to natural lashes with an adhesive that is safe for the eyes and skin. During the procedure, the eyelash artist will separate the upper and lower lashes by gluing the lower lashes down.

A permanent solution is then applied to the base of the eyelashes (where they meet with the eyelid) and combed to ensure a uniform application. Let the artist know your desired look and they will help you decide the length and curl of your eyelashes. If you're looking for a way to make your eyelashes look longer and fuller, you may have crossed your mind with extensions or eyelash lifts. Most eyelash lifts also apply a nourishing serum to the eyelashes after treatment to ensure that the eyelashes stay healthy.

Depending on the effect you're looking for, individual or multiple extension fibers are attached to each natural eyelash with an eye-friendly adhesive. With eyelash extensions, a glue is used to bond the eyelashes at the top of the lash line, while in eyelash lifts, the professional uses a chemical to curl and lift the natural eyelashes. Overall, eyelash extension treatments are harder on the eyes because they use an incredibly strong glue that adheres to natural lashes.

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