Can eyelash extensions affect your vision?

It may seem like a harmless way to accentuate the eyes, but the techniques used behind extensions and dyes can cause infections or allergic reactions that can affect vision. I continue to care for patients with allergic reactions and infections associated with semi-permanent eyelash extensions, especially one or two days after their application. He points out that only an incorrect fixation, an improperly selected length, the shape of the eyelashes and the careless handling of the adhesive material can cause tearing, inflammation of the eyelid skin and, as a result, affect the degree and acuity of vision. If you're looking for ways to improve and simplify your makeup routine, eyelash extensions may seem like an attractive option.

However, according to one expert, while extensions offer the fullest and thickest lashes that many covet, they can actually cause a wide range of eye health problems. Food and Drug Administration as a daily application for the treatment of hypotrichosis or the absence of eyelash growth. Serious sight-threatening conditions, such as hemophilic keratitis due to influenza, a bacterial infection of the cornea, have been reported after eyelash glue eroded the cornea. Nylon eyelash extensions are embedded in the conjunctiva and subconjunctival space, causing significant redness and pain in the eyes, making them necessary to remove them in the operating room.

Because eyelash extensions tend to be abnormally long and thick, they also change the way eyelashes work by creating a fan-like effect that allows more air to enter the eye surface, increasing tear film evaporation and causing dry eyes and uncomfortable use of contact lenses, Chan says. While he doesn't recommend eyelash extensions, Chan says those who insist on the procedure should do their research and see a reputable esthetician who specializes in eyelash extensions. When extending the eyelashes, the quality of the materials used and the skill level of qualification are especially important. Finally, the eyelash remover solvent can cause corneal complications, specifically in patients with previous refractive surgery with LASIK.

An alternative for those seeking a more regulated pharmacological option to increase eyelash volume is bimatopost (or Latisse), a treatment analogous to prostaglandins approved by the United States. Instead, she states that a safer way to achieve full lashes is through magnetic eyelash extensions, mascara and growth serums. If the eyelash extension procedure is done by an experienced professional, it will not adversely affect vision, as Lisa Startk, who works at Pharmacy Express, said.

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