Do you need a license to do lashes in louisiana?

To obtain the certificate, you must have a cosmetology license from the Louisiana Board of Cosmetology. Licenses for eyelash technicians in Louisiana are controlled by the Louisiana Board of Cosmetology. This regulation is determined by the state Board of Cosmetology, check with your state board to determine state eyelash extension requirements. The information contained herein should not be interpreted in any way as representing the full content of laws and regulations relating to eyelash extensions nor should it be interpreted as legal advice.

So, what exactly are the certification requirements for eyelash extensions? Well, that depends on where you and your charming dream eyelashes are located. Maybe it's a nervous client or a girlfriend who wants to become an eyelash artist who is curious about this question. The following is not intended to be a complete or exhaustive list or summary of state laws and regulations related to eyelash extensions. As mentioned, you must have a beautician or cosmetology license to do eyelash extensions in most states.

This process ensures that you have the right knowledge to safely perform different procedures, such as applying eyelash extensions. While we are continually trying to provide the most accurate information about the laws and regulations surrounding the practice of eyelash extensions, this is not intended to be an exhaustive list, as the laws of each state are subject to change without notice. The specific requirements for performing eyelash services can generally be used as a guide, but be sure to consult the rules and regulations that govern your locality. In this case, the state Board of Cosmetology defines the educational requirements needed to become a licensed technician.

Afterwards, and only later, in states that require a cosmetology or beautician license, can you complete an eyelash training program. Yes, the requirements for eyelash artists vary by state and each location will have different state eyelash extension requirements. The service can only be performed in an authorized beauty salon by a person who holds one or more of the following licenses: cosmetologists, AP beauticians, beautician or eyelash technician. However, it is beneficial to attend an eyelash training program to learn proper application techniques and aftercare.

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