What type of lash extensions last the longest?

There are several types of eyelash extensions, such as B-curl, C-curl, D-curl and L+ curl. The B-curl is the most natural looking curl. It is especially suitable if you have straight eyelashes and need to lift them up a little. The time you have to spend between each eyelash filler depends on the growth cycle of your own natural lashes and how you care for your eyelash extensions at home.

You may need a refill as soon as 2 weeks, or you may be able to do so up to 4 weeks before you need an appointment to fill the supply. For most people, complete sets last an average of 4 weeks before disappearing completely. The most common usage time is 3 weeks between fillings. However, some people wait up to 4 weeks and others just can't bear to have some lashes removed, so they come every week or two.

We recommend that you fill in your eyelashes after you have had approximately 50% shedding. Keep your eyelashes from dropping below 50%, as they are usually more than 3 weeks away and you'll have to pay more for the full appointment. The salons offer different options for extension material, which suit both your budget and the look you want to achieve. By far the most common extensions come in mink, synthetic mink, silk and synthetic material.

The material you select will depend on a variety of factors, and an eyelash artist will talk to you first to perfectly customize your eyelash extensions. The U-curl is the curliest eyelash extension. They are suitable for customers with downward-slanted eyelashes who want the most spectacular wrist-like eyelashes. These eyelashes will give a noticeable curling effect.

This eyelash extensions chart helps you show your customers the different types of extensions, curls and eyelash lengths available. In addition, extensions are mainly applied on the upper eyelash line and are applied in “clusters” or in the shape of a fan or individually. Silk eyelashes are medium weight and, for most people, are heavier and not as comfortable as the fake mink or fake fox options. You should also refrain from rubbing your eyes, using a mechanical eyelash curler, and staying under the shower head for an extended period of time, he says.

It is specifically designed to gently penetrate between the lashes to thoroughly clean the extensions and the eyelash line. However, regardless of the size of the extensions you choose, you'll need to refill them. When mites multiply, they can cause eye problems, such as itching, redness of the eyes, swelling, eye infections, and loss of natural eyelashes. If you use the C-shaped curl for customers with eyelashes slightly tilted downwards, you will achieve satisfactory eyelash tightening.

If you have thin, natural lashes but would like them to appear more open and full, opt for curly ones in the shape of a C. One topic that many eyelash technicians find confusing is how to calculate the correct number of extensions for the Volume technique. Eyelash extensions adhere to individual natural lashes with a cyanoacrylate-based adhesive that doesn't mix well with natural oils. Since everyone has a different facial shape and bone structure, it's important for women to understand that eyelash extensions enhance their own natural lashes.

Before choosing the type of curl for your client, you should know that the angle of the natural lashes will have a big impact on the final result of the design.

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